Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Polish

Well, hello there! I've had an interesting week and a half or so. I mentioned in my last post that we were off to Prauge for the weekend, and I will post about that soon, but first I want to update you on my fitness progress. Last week I worked out four days, so I'm starting to get there. I'm looking forward to the weather getting a little warmer, because its been cooooolllld here. Once it does I'll be able to log some road miles!

I have also tried a couple of Pinterest nail arts. The one on the left is called Saran Wrap nails. I painted the coral color first and let it dry completely. Then I painted the aqua color and patted a piece of Saran Wrap over the wet polish until it looked as I wanted it to. Then I painted over it with quick dry top coat. The accent nail was done with striper polish.

The right nail was just done with white polish, five vibrant colors and a bobby pin.

This weekend I am going on a mission trip with my church to Poland. I'm very excited and will update soon!

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