Thursday, January 17, 2013

New year, new me...we shall see.

It's been a a yearish, since I've attempted a blog.  A year later, I still want to be a blogger.  So, I'm giving it another college try.
Originally, I wanted to be a nail blogger, but I'm really not consistent enough at anything to only blog about one thing.  So I've decided that this blog is going to be dedicated to my crazy randomness.  Admittedly, I am far from perfect.  After reading most other blogs I'm left feeling inadequate, unorganized, crazy and like I couldn't possibly have anything of substance to contribute to this sea of blogs.  So, I've decided that I'll turn what I see as weaknesses into strengths.  This year is going to be a year of growth, and I'm going to document it along the way in the hopes of keeping myself motivated, and maybe inspiring someone else along the way, or at least helping them to feel just a little less crazy.
Some topics to look forward to:

  • My mission to get back into shape.  Since I last blogged, I trained for and ran a half marathon, and then promptly quit running.  Follow my journey back into the runners' world.
  • Random nail of the day posts
  • Organizing my messy life
  • Moving my family from our German lifestyle, and getting integrated by into the US.  Not sure when it will happen, as the Army doesn't like to get too ahead of itself, but it will be this year.
  • Attempted Pinterest pins
  • And whatever slice of crazy I decide to serve along the way.